European energy production is (and will continue to be) increasingly dependent on biomass. In anticipation on this opportunity, Green Energies has built up extensive knowledge and experience with realizing projects in the processing of biomass to energy.

We are active within the following technologies:

1. Green fuels:

High caloric waste and all kind of biomass like fresh wood, straw, etc.

Pellets out of waste/rejects 

The high caloric pellets are produced out of reject of the paper industry or of a high caloric waste steam after the treatment of MSW. These pellets replace coal in the production of energy.

Photos: 3E, Born NL, 120.000 Tpa (pellets out of MSW) and Kappa, Roermond NL, 15 Tph (pellets out of rejects).


Pellets out of wood/other biomass

Sawdust and chips from the sawmill, or chips produced out of energy logs, are dried crushed in mills and pressed into an industrial or DIN pellet. The industrial pellets will replace coal in a classical coal fired power station. The DIN pellets go to the retail industry.

Photos: Arbre Uk and Goerliz, Germany


Black pellets

After drying the wood chips, the chips are roasted in an airless atmosphere. The fix carbon content of the wood will increase together with the caloric value. The transportation cost of the roasted wood is reduced due to the pelletisation. These dense black pellets replace coal in a coal-fired power station.

Photos: SGI, NL, 45.000 Tpa

2. Energy from waste:

Incineration of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste)

The flue gas of a MSW incinerator is treated in a gas cleaning system to reduce the dust, NOx, dioxides and other components. The control of the whole process is done in a unique control room, integrated with several chimneys.

Photos: AVR, Rotterdam NL, 500.000 Tpa.


Gasification of contaminated soil and asphalt

Contaminated soil (with mercury, TNT, oil, chemicals) and asphalt, containing with tar, are cleaned on high temperature during a gasification process. Syngas will be burned and the heat is re-used in the process. Flue gas is cleaned in an extensive gas treatment system.

Photos: Theo Pauw, Eemshaven NL, 60 Tpa.


Gasification of medical waste

Medical waste, delivered in plastic boxes, is gasified during a long period to destroy all diseases and to transfer the solid waste into a syngas that is burned at high temperature. The produced energy (steam) is re-used to dry sludge or to produce electricity. Flue gas passes several wet gas cleaning steps before it leaves the installation.

Photos: Zavin, NL, 8.000 Tpa.